About Us


Quality Remodeling, Inc. strives to have the word Quality synonymous with roofing in the state of Maryland. Great customer service supported by superior products and exceptional workmanship places us in the proper position to achieve this. For most of us, purchasing a home will be the largest investment of our lifetime, and Quality Remodeling, Inc. welcomes the responsibility of protecting your home and the blessing within, from Mother Nature.

Our company is supported by an amazing team of individuals who are of great character! We are committed to being exceptional in every part of the project phase. We offer real solutions to your problems by providing you with the pertinent information needed to make a quality decision that is best for your family and budget.

Our entire management team are all licensed contractors. We take what we do seriously, and our company has a strong commitment to education for ourselves and for homeowners. We offer free quotes and a “NO PRESSURE SALES” approach. Team members will provide homeowners with options to address “their needs”, and then leave it to the homeowner to decide on “their needs”. Quality Remodeling, Inc. believes honesty, communication, actions matching words, accountability, and being receptive to feedback are key to establishing trust within our customers.

Contact us now and allow us to add some Quality to your life!